White Buffalo Scholarship Fund Kansas City

Meeting the academic needs of American Indian Youth


I was here before the rains and the violent sea.
I was here before the snows and hail.
I was here before the mountains and the winds.
I am the Spirit of Nature.
I am in the light that fills the earth, and in the darkness of night time.
I give color to nature, for i am in natures growth and fruits.
I am again in Nature where themes of mystic wisdom are found
I am in your chants and laughters
I am in the tears that flow from sorrow
I am in the bright joyous eyes of the children
I am the substance that gives unity, completeness and oneness.
I am in the mountains as a conscious symbol to all mankind when the earths face is being scarred with spiritual undone.
I am in you when you walk the simple path of the redman
I am in you when you show love of humankind, for i also give love to those who are loving
I am in the response of love among all hunters, for this is a path that will find the blessing and fulfillment of the Great Spirit

(Translated by Dallas Chief Eagle Teton Sioux)

Just as the White Buffalo Calf Woman gave the gift of the peace pipe to mankind, so can the White Buffalo Scholarship give hope to future generations.

For more information about the significance of the White Buffalo visit here.

To Donate today, visit here.

Tapping World Summit Video Series - Dr. Mark Hyman


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