White Buffalo Scholarship Fund Kansas City

Meeting the academic needs of American Indian Youth

The Fund

Thank You for considering a tax-deductible donation to the White Buffalo Scholarship Fund! In cooperation with the Kansas City Public Schools, the White Buffalo Scholarship Fund allows students enrolled in an American Indian Tribe access to higher education and the opportunity to reach beyond tribal borders to achieve academic and professional success in their chosen field.

American Indian youth face economic challenges and are most often “first generation” students, which means that neither parent attended college. The students awarded the Scholarship will be given the “hands up” opportunity to earn a degree or career certification and return to their tribal communities empowered to make a difference in the lives of its residents and the community at large.

Traditionally, the Bison or American Buffalo is a symbol of sacred life and abundance. A white buffalo is considered especially sacred and rare. With that understanding, the White Buffalo Scholarship Fund is a gift and a rare opportunity for a young man or woman seeking higher education and the tools to make a dream a reality.

Your Gift will extend not only into the future, but the past as well. Thank You!






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